A Sock And A Sock And A Shoe And A Shoe!

It is funny how some things just stick in your memory and every now and again when you need a laugh that memory surfaces. It happens to me every so often when I am putting on my shoes, my mind goes to when I was younger and I used to watch All in the Family...there was one episode with Archie Bunker telling Mike (Meathead) how to put on socks and shoes...and I hear Archie in my head as I am tying my shoes and I chuckle. Here is the YouTube clip of that scene...you will never put your socks and shoes on again without thinking of this...enjoy the chuckle!


Nan Lewis freebie finish...


I finished stitching the exclusive freebie that Nan Lewis of Threadwork Primitives designed just for the members of Prim Stitchers Society on Facebook that Terri (DixieSamplar) set up.

I stitched it on a natural linen scrap that I had in my stash and I chose to use DMC colors 3021, 640, 169, 3799 and 3787.  I did my flowers in blue (169)...

I finish finished it on to a round paper mache box...this was my first time finishing like this.  I really enjoyed the whole process...I painted the box a cream color...I used a green chenille trim around the edge.  I went with a blue fabric inside the lid for a pincushion...and I thought it would be cute to store buttons, as I am doing now, or use it as an ORT container keeping my needles in the pincushion (lid)...

Well, I bought 2 tickets just over 6 months ago now to go see Cher in concert at TD Garden in Boston, MA with my daughter...and tonight is the night!!!  I am so excited to be sharing this memory with my daughter.  I went in 2003 for my 40th birthday with my sister (RIP) when Cher was on her Farewell Tour, and I have treasured that memory since...

I will leave you today with this YouTube video of Cher performing her closing song at a recent concert in Nashville... ( I believe this is her Farewell Farewell concert...)

Enjoy the Spring weather....


It's been a long road, getting from there to here...3 months!

Well now,  my most important update after 3 months is an updated picture of my precious granddaughter Emily...here she is 3 months old to the day she was born;

Next would be the reason for my absence...we bought a house in the end of January, closed the beginning of February and packed and moved throughout February/March...here is the house we bought;

It seemed like we would never get settled...and all though all the U-Haul boxes are gone, there is still things here and there that need tweaking, but I guess it's true what they say that it takes at least 6 months before you truly feel settled.

During that time, I kept up with reading blogs.  I came across a post Terri (DixieSamplar) made in January of a baby afghan she was working on in this post, and I reached out to her for help in figuring out how to make it and she so kindly responded with detail how to's, THANK YOU TERRI,  and here is my progress;

I also signed up through Terri for the Spring/Easter exchange and I have heard my package was received and I have received my exchange as well.  I stitched a freebie from Cosmic Handmade called Carrot Patch and finished it into a pinkeep, and included a kit from Jeannette Douglas called Spring Quaker Pincushion, I included the spool for the base, scissors, a spring to do pad and some Easter candy for Kathy (no blog)...here are pics of what I sent (the top photo I borrowed from Terri's blog and the bottom photo shows the backing fabric I used);

I used a YouTube tutorial video on how to make a "fork bow" and I absolutely love how perfect a tiny bow it makes, which hopefully you can see it on the pinkeep...this is the video I watched;

I received a wonderful exchange from Shari.  She stitched a really cute ornament that she stitched from the new Lizzie Kate chart Song of Spring...and she enclosed so many awesome goodies...a book, cookie cutters, some cute ribbon, nail polish, a candy bar and two awesome charts by New York Dreamer and Chessie & Me.  THANK YOU SHARI, it was such a great exchange!  Here is a pic of what I received;

In other interests; I have been "house needs" shopping here and there and I have found some neat things for my craft room; some "re-purpose" things!

I found a pretty hair pin return at a consignment shop that I thought would be great to re-purpose for a "pins" return;

I then found a couple of sugar/cheese shaker jars that I thought could be cool to hold Pearl Cotton threads or spools of thread.  Here is one of them with DMC Pearl Cotton #12 White;

I also found in the clearance section at Kohl's a cute jewelry holder that I saw as a scissors/pincushion keeper;

Most recently, Terri (DixieSamplar) created an awesome Prim Stitchers Society group on Facebook that I joined and I have completely enjoyed reading everyone's stitching stories and seeing their beautiful stitching projects...Nan Lewis of Threadwork Primitives created an exclusive freebie for the group, which I am currently stitching but haven't taken a photo yet, that will be for my next post....

My husband, who I will confess is a Star Trek fanatic got us tickets to go to the Star Trek convention in Boston, MA in June...should be a fun time!  When my husband and I first were dating, he would come by my place after work and we would watch Star Trek Voyager together...he has through the years gotten me interested in all things Star Trek...

Well, I will leave you with a YouTube of the inspiration to my post title...and the theme song to Star Trek Enterprise with Captain Archer...

Happy Spring Everyone!!!


May I introduce to you...

...Emily Leah, my first granddaughter, born this morning;

Mommy, Daddy and Emily are all doing great!


WIP almost finished...

I started stitching on Snooty Parrots Sampler by Barbara Ana Designs on January 1st with a SAL group on Facebook (see previous post)...however, I set it aside on Saturday to pull out a WIP I had started in 2010 and never got it finished.  It is a memorial sampler for my sister who was killed by a drunk driver on January 6, 2007...I had gotten quite a bit done back in 2010, but then I set it aside.

I did a lot of frogging on it Saturday, I pulled out her name and dates and the tombstone and restitched the stone with my sisters initials on it...I put the dates on the top line and decided to stitch my initials on the second line and the blank space is the year the sampler is stitched...which I'm debating now whether to stitch the year I started it, the year I'm actually going to finish it or the year she died...

I finally got the leaves on the trees, although not the lazy daisy stitch, I went with all back stitching, but they look full and much better than bare branches.  I just have the flowers and leaves around the border to finish and decide on the date to stitch and it will finally be finished.  I'm pretty sure this will not get put away unfinished this year...here is where it is at right now;

The chart is Hearts Left Behind by Hester's Needle.

It's been seven years since my sisters passing, and everyday I think of her and miss her so....Rest in Peace Kathy, you will always live in my heart and your smile is forever in my mind!  ♥


Snowing and Stitching...

It's been snowing most of the day, we had a brief moment where it looked like it was done, but it soon picked up and started snowing again...and it has been since!  But that's o.k., I've been staying in, staying warm and stitching, stitching and yes, stitching!

I managed to get more of the wording done on the Snooty Parrots Sampler and added some color to it, curiosity was getting to me to see how the colors would look on the linen I chose to stitch on, it looks nice...Here is a picture of my progress;

It is going to continue snowing through the night and well into tomorrow, as I said yesterday, stay safe, stay dry and stay warm.  And find time to stitch!  Shoveling can wait (lol)...


Snooty Parrots Sampler ~ started today!

Happy New Year everyone!

Today was the start for the Snooty Parrots Sampler by Barbara Ana Designs SAL on Facebook.  I have decided to stitch mine on 28 ct. Cashel Lt Mocha linen (the eyes aren't what they used to be ~ lol) and I am stitching with the recommended DMC floss.  I decided to start in the middle section (mostly to check and see if my linen would have enough on the sides for framing ~ and it does, by 3 inches...phew!) so now I am just going to get the wording all stitched up and then work over to the left border up to the corner then across and down...sounds like a good plan of attack.  Anyway, here is a picture of my start today;

We are expecting a pretty good snow storm after midnight tonight that will go all day Thursday into Friday mid-day...they say, but it has changed several times, as it always does (lol) that we are to see 8 to 12 inches. Great day/night to stay in, stay dry, stay safe and stitch, stitch, stitch!

Stay safe, stay dry and stay warm everyone!